bettor claims he was free rolled

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A (also known as player shared a complaint against the blacklisted online betting site.

The player took to the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum to share that his winnings were confiscated and his account closed.

The reason: he resides in the state of New Jersey. The player argues that he has been free rolled, meaning that he had no chance to win yet every chance to lose his deposited funds.

Below is the player's full post: Player: "They allowed me to open an account, free rolled me, then removed winnings and closed my account. Reasoning was that I am a NJ resident."

It is unclear if the player registered choosing neighboring New York, because as of this publication New Jersey is not listed in the dropdown form. The player has yet to confirm this detail of his account registration, though SBR moderators asked him to submit a sportsbook complaint form so the issue can be reviewed further.

In addition, the terms and conditions do not list New Jersey as a banned state.

Assuming New Jersey was in fact listed and the player signed up properly, it is unreasonable for the sportsbook to confiscate earned winnings, despite their terms and conditions. Sportsbooks must prevent players from signing up who are in prohibited jurisdictions if they do not want to accept their business.

Sportsbook Review will continue to investigate this report.

Meanwhile, more than 300 players have complained of overdue payouts from for over $300,000. The sportsbook has an industry worst average time-frame of six to eight weeks, which the Costa Rica based betting website has been unable to satisfactorily honor. is part of the worst sportsbook blacklist and should be avoided.

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