Sportsbook Bonuses Grid: 4 Recent Changes

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The sportsbook bonuses grid has had changes recorded for Heritage Sports, Bovada, BetOnline, and this week.

Users can compare each website's bonus and applicable fine-print using the directory. For additional questions and for confirmation of bonus eligibility SBR suggests that players first contact each sportsbook to determine if the bonus can be redeemed.

It is a good practice to request to speak with a customer service supervisor to clear any doubts regarding offer fine-print.

Players who have previously been restricted for bonuses should know that a promotional email from a gaming company may not necessarily apply to them.

The sportsbook bonuses grid lists what SBR refers to as the "true bonus", which attempts to measure the amount of pure bonus value associated with each sportsbook offer. This allows players to compare bonuses in a way that takes into account the requisite action needed from a player before an offer can be converted to a withdrawal. As the old saying goes with sportsbook bonuses, bigger does not necessarily always mean better.

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