Sportsbook Bonuses Directory: Finding the right offer

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The sportsbook bonuses directory lists sign up bonuses from sports betting sites rated from A+ to C.

Bonuses are displayed alongside the overall bonus percentage, the amount of pure bonus cash associated with each offer (referred to as the "true bonus"), maximum bonus per perk, and the category of bonus.

The True Bonus explained
Let's say that a sportsbook offers a 100% bonus with a 5X rollover. This essentially means that you must wager the bonus plus deposit a number of five times - call it 20% of the bonus per wager. Rollovers should be assessed relative to the overall bonus - for instance, a 5X rollover on a 100% bonus would be considered very beneficial and achievable by any standard, whereas a 5X rollover on a €10 free bet does not offer near the value.

Cash bonuses vs free play
The rule of thumb is that free play (FP) bonuses are worth about half of cash bonuses. This is because with free play bonuses, players do not retain the initial bonus amount. For instance, if you are credited a 100% free play bonus (say it works out to be $300) and you risk the whole bonus on a +100 wager, instead of getting $600 (winnings plus risked bonus), only the net of $300 is returned.

Cash bonuses are treated like player deposits, and in the aforementioned example, the $300 risk amount would get added to the player's balance as normal.

Max Bonus
Before getting wrapped up around the overall bonus percentage or true bonus, it is important to consider the maximum amount of bonus cash redeemable with each offer, as a great true bonus and high percentage can be much less advantageous than a bonus with a higher ceiling. Sports bettors can sort by max bonus using the sportsbook bonuses directory.

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