Sportsbook Bonuses from 52 Sports Betting Sites

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The sportsbook bonuses directory contains sign up bonus offers from 52 online sportsbooks.

The fully responsive, mobile-friendly list automatically contours to the size of viewing devices - whether the latest smart phone, Microsoft Surface, iPad, or on the old fashioned desktop computer station.

Bonus information is contained inside of an Info () button. If a promo code is required to unlock the advertised bonus, it will be listed inside of the Info button, alongside other terms and conditions such as country or deposit restrictions. Some sportsbooks do not offer bonuses on eWallet deposits for instance.

The sports betting websites listed in the bonuses directory are rated from A+ to C. Sportsbooks rated in lower standing are not shown, but can be searched by bonus using the sportsbook rating guide. SBR suggests that players limit their transactions to online sportsbooks in good standing with players. Betting sites rated from D- to F are listed in the worst sportsbook blacklist.

The sportsbook bonuses directly includes columns for rollover (play-through requirement), percentage of bonus offer, max bonus cap associated with each offer, and finally what is referred to as the "True Bonus". The True Bonus measures the amount of pure bonus funds attached to each offer: For example, a 100% cash bonus with a 3X rollover constitutes a true bonus of 33.33%. A free play would be worth approximately half since the risk aomunt is not returned.

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