Sportsbook Bonus List Updated with Promo Codes

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Best Sportsbook Bonus list

Sportsbook Review has released an update to the best sportsbook bonuses list that displays additional bonus information through an Info () button.

Players can now find bonus promo codes if available, expiration dates, and additional platform information.

For example, at certain sportsbooks such as Heritage Sports or 5Dimes players have the choice between reduced juice and higher bonuses.

Reduced juice is considered by many as a bonus in its own right, and there is an old saying that speaks to this quite nicely — if you don't think small edges matter, walk down any street in Las Vegas and look up (at the giant, towering casinos built off small edges).

Why reduced juice is considered a bonus
Sportsbooks such as Heritage, 5Dimes, Pinnacle, or BetOnline who deal better than full vigorish (-110 across the board) give more of an advantage to players by charging them less commission per each wager.

This can make all the difference between finishing a season in the black or in the red. And with impossibly long seasons in sports such as MLB where losing streaks are bound to occur, every small edge counts.

Weighing Cash vs. Free Play Bonuses
Cash bonuses are added immediately to a player's balance as if the bonus is part of the deposit. Cash bonuses are generally more desirable (rollover being equal) as players can withdraw the initial cash bonus once their play-through requirement is completed.

Free play bonuses are different from cash bonuses because the initial bonus amount is not added to a player's balance. For instance, if you have a $1,000 free play and wager it on an NFL game that nets $500, only $500 is added to your balance. As a result, SBR rates free plays at approximately 50% of the value of a cash bonus.

Science behind the True Bonus
SBR displays a category called the "True Bonus" percentage in the sportsbook bonuses list to help players compare bonuses.

Put simply, true bonus measures the amount of actual bonus funds players are wagering with: For instance, if you make a $1,000 deposit and receive a 50% cash bonus with a 5X rollover, you are wagering with 10% pure bonus if you complete rollover in five wagers.

If a 50% free play comes with a 5X rollover, the true bonus is cut in half to 5% because a free play is worth half of a cash bonus as explained under the weighing cash vs. free play bonuses section.

Sportsbook Review will keep readers updated as notable changes are recorded on the sportsbook bonuses list.

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