Sportsbook Bonus Change: Betting Site goes to 75%

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One of the betting sites from the top sportsbooks list is now dealing a 75% bonus (up from the default 50%) with a special promo code. The code is available on the sportsbook bonus page.

Players can find promo codes and relevant information on bonuses through the information buttons () displayed on the bonus list. Simply click to unlock and the 411 will pop out accordingly.

Sportsbooks are compared by their bonus percentage, the standing they are in with players (the overall rating), the maximum bonus amount redeemeable through each incentive, and the rollover amount required.

Most of the online sportsbooks count rollover/turnover by weighing the odds a player has wagered. For example, betting $100 at -1,000 will only truly be putting $10 in action at online sportsbooks, as the lesser of the risk/win amount is used. This keeps players from breezing through sportsbook bonuses and giving the house no action. While this may sound like a bad thing, if you think about it, sportsbooks that simply printed bonuses for 50% with decent rollovers and did not have a chance to earn any of their winnings would be severely disadvantaged and likely to lose money.

Sportsbooks are not in the business of carelessly giving away money, which is a good thing as a betting sites who do so will be much more likely to slow-pay come withdrawal time, and are more likely to be ranked lower in the sportsbook rating guide.

Players who have feedback on the sportsbook bonus page can write to Alternatively, players can share their feedback with other sports bettors in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry section.

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