payouts department snowed in for holidays?

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A (.com) player has filed a complaint suggesting that the payouts department at the betting site may have a payment processing backlog for the holidays.

He asked to receive less than $1,000 on December 15 and was told that the payout may take 3-5 working days.

This time-frame was not met, so the player followed up with support concerning his request.  He was advised that cash transfers are not being processed for the time being due to a holiday break.

It was not made clear to the player when he could request to be paid his funds, or why days other than December 25 would not be considered working days. maintains a D- rating with SBR and is on the online sportsbooks blacklist.

On September 28th, 2011, SBR reported that (SBR rating D-) moved their non-US customer base to (later rebranded to, part of the WinUnited sportsbook family headquartered in Malta. players in need of dispute assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint with SBR.

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