SportsBIT: Tips for Super Bowl 51 Prop Bettors

SportsBIT's Teddy Covers and Pauly Howard cover the dos and dont's with respect to prop betting on Super Bowl 51.

Focus on Props that are "Officially Graded", not Sportsbook Graded
While proposition wagers on Gatorade, the national anthem, and wardrobe malfunctions may lend themselves to fun drinking games, wagering dollars on the outcome of markets that have a whiff of ambiguity to them and subjectivity can spell disaster when the tickets are graded. Teddy and Pauly make the case that you are relying on the discretion of sportsbook lines managers when wagering on such markets, and advise to stick with props determined by the black and white grading of For gamblers who prefer to live dangerously, you may browse all Super Bowl LI prop bets using Sportsbook Review.

Handicap the Game First, Then Change Focus to Prop Bets
Teddy makes a case that sports bettors should first handicap the game itself, then change their focus to proposition wagers. Once a bettor has analyzed the game and decided which market has value, the process of selecting prop bets with expected value (EV) should become simpler; this is evidenced by the disparity between the wagering limits, as bettors can plunk down tens of thousands at most online sportsbooks on the big game, but typically $500 or less on an individual prop bet. The smaller the limit, the more beatable a market is generally, as sportsbooks protect their bottom-line by setting limits in relation to their comfort level.

Handicap the Game First, Then Change Focus to Prop Bets
Teddy shares an anecdote about how the numbers have gotten much sharper over the years, and talks about how the wise guy action was noticeably light for sportsbook prop openers, and that there has been less immediate line movement due to the tightening of the odds by bookmakers. On a lighter note, Teddy has fun with the reduced juice offered by a few online sportsbooks on which team wins the opening coin toss. Markets such as these provide action and entertainment, but are not necessarily bankroll builders.

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