SportsbettingOnline management addresses security complaint

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SportsbettingOnline management has addressed the complaint filed by a player alleging a potential breach of security.

The player claimed in his SBR complaint that after requesting deposit instructions through the website cashier, he was contacted by an impostor posing as a sportsbook clerk.

He then claims he was defrauded out of $2,000.

SBR connected with a manager of the sportsbook after following up on the matter and received new information. The sportsbook disputes that the player requested deposit instructions through its website.

The player allegedly called SportsbettingOnline to report that he was contacted by a person named Randy who was using a Gmail address. He sent two $1,000 bank transfers using the transfer instructions provided in the email.

Despite not employing the individual in question, SportsbettingOnline made an attempt to look into the player's claim. A manager asked the player to provide records of the bank transfers so that they could be confirmed through the bank, but the communication broke down and the player has since withdrawn his complaint with SBR.

Online sportsbooks are not responsible for players being conned by impostors. However, sportsbooks are responsible with securing their own website and it is a demonstration of good faith to investigate matters where legitimate players may have been duped.

A second complaint involving an $8,200 balance accumulated through bitcoin is pending.

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