SportsbettingOnline complaint on cashier functionality

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A SportsbettingOnline (SBR rating D+) player has filed a general complaint.

The player has stated that he has been unable to request payment via Person to Person, as upon submitting the payout request his browser produces a fatal error page from the sportsbook. He claims he has tried clearing his cookies to no avail.

He has claimed to have spoken with two different SportsbettingOnline representatives but that there has been no progress. He was told that his payout request would be manually processed and that he would be contacted with an update as soon as possible.

This is his first ever payout request with the betting site, and he's unhappy with the service he received so far, writing the following in the complaint he launched with Sportsbook Review: "I deposit my money, abide by their rules, and I cannot even get a simple payout, let alone, even a courtesy call or email confirming receipt of my request, etc. I sincerely believe they do not plan on ever paying me what I am owed. An expensive lesson learned."

While the betting site is rated D+, the player's funds are not believed to be endangered, though SBR recommends players stick with online sportsbooks rated B+ or higher.

In any case, the complaint adds to the negative feedback players have lodged against SportsbettingOnline.

SBR reported on November 8 that a player submitted a complex dispute that involved a potential breach of SportsbettingOnline's security. In summary, the player claimed that within days of requesting deposit instructions, he was contacted via email by a purported employee of the betting site and given what turned out to be bogus bank wire instructions. SportsbettingOnline has yet to comment on the complaint with SBR other than to say that the manager handling the case would be in touch; this was one week ago and no updates have been received. SBR has since asked for another update.

Another complaint that has lingered since September 17 is the report by a player that his $8,200 balance has not been paid. The player deposited $500 through bitcoin in the summer of 2014, and worked up the large balance. He received one successful $500 payout, but has not received the rest of his funds and his account was allegedly locked. This complaint is also exclusively being managed by a member of upper management, and SBR's connection with the betting site has been unable to produce more information on the case.

Sportsbook Review is following up on the latest complaint referenced at the beginning of this newswire and will share findings through the newswire feed.

Players in need of sportsbook assistance should write to SBR at

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