credits player in six-month old dispute

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In December of 2010, a player wagered $151.52 to win $50 on Victor Ortiz to defeat Lamont Peterson in a boxing bout.

The player noted to SBR that 2-3 months prior to placing the bet, underwent a company wide policy change which explained that boxing draws were treated as pushes. The player claimed that after his wager was placed, the policy changed to count draws as losses.

One argument the player madethroughout this dispute is that a representative assured him that the bet would be graded as No Action in the event of a draw. After his wager was graded as a loss, the player unsuccessfully attempted to follow-up with before giving up and writing off the funds as irrecoverable.

SBR followed up on behalf of the player and presented the player's argument to management. After review of the player's time-line and version of the facts, credited the player's account $151.52, resolving the sportsbook dispute.'s rating has been adjusted from C- to C. While has been the subject of different sportsbook complaints in its history, new management has shown the willingness to discuss complaints and consider SBR's viewpoint. For a comprehensive list of over 900 sportsbooks, visit the Sportsbook Review rating guide.

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