reverses decision in $16,000 dispute

Share with: (SBR rating D+) has reversed their decision in the $16,000 winnings dispute covered by SBR on March 26th, 2012. SBR reported that a player who registered with an incorrect state of residence had his balance nullified for allegedly being in violation of house policy. The player told SBR that he noticed Louisiana was not an option to select when registering. He chose a neighboring state and thought all was clear when he claims a representative phoned him the next day to help him make his first deposit.

The player ran a $100 balance up to $16,000 before the discrepancy was noted. Sportsbetting initially told the player that as he was playing from a prohibited state and used incorrect signup details, his winnings were forfeited. SBR argued on the player's behalf that his intent was not to mislead the sportsbook and that he volunteered the information during a sales call. In addition, the player took no steps to hide his Louisiana residence via IP address or when sending his proof of ID.

SBR and Sportsbetting management spoke at length regarding the case, and the decision was ultimately made to pay the player his full balance.

Players are advised to use their true and accurate details when registering at any sportsbook. If a state or country is not listed in the dropdown options, it is safe to assume that the gaming company is exercising its right to refuse business to a certain territory for regulatory or other reasons. A sportsbook is free to not accept business from any customer it wishes; SBR acknowledges that this case was satisfactorily resolved and considers the matter closed. This newswire will be updated as the player confirms receipt of his full $16,000 balance.

SBR continues to discuss other cases with management, including the current sportsbook slow-pays on file that have allegedly been contributed to by processor delays.

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