payment complaints update

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Six (SBR rating D) players report payment. SBR has contacted each of the remaining 18 players to confirm if their payments are still outstanding. The players reported receiving $24,500. recently had its rating lowered from D+ to D after the complaints racked up.

The player covered in the Louisiana winnings dispute has also confirmed receiving two $2,500 checks which cleared. The player originally had his $16,000 balance zeroed over a signup dispute, which SBR was able to succesfully mediate on his behalf.'s average payment time-frame has been revised to 10-60 business days, causing anxiety in some players forced to wait for extended periods of time for their funds.

A total of $87,504 is still marked as owed to players. 

One common complaint players have is that tracking numbers are no longer being provided as promised, though the website still states that players can expect to receive them within two full business days of their requesting being processed: time-frame: "Checks withdrawals will be sent out by courier and, once the withdrawal request is approved, it will be delivered within 10-60 business days. Tracking numbers may be available 48 business hours after the withdrawal was processed; please contact our Customer Service Support Team to confirm the availability of these."

SBR will update this report as more players confirm payment or more information becomes available.

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