Sports BIT | Interview With Legendary Vegas Casino Host Steve Cyr

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In a special edition of SportsBIT, Pauly Howard is joined by legendary Vegas casino host Steve Cyr for an interview that covers everything from how Cyr would handle whale clients (big money gamblers), celebrity clients, and even how he was barred from one famous casino on the Las Vegas strip.

Steve Cyr is the subject of the book "Whale Hunt In The Desert" by Deke Castleman.

"The readers digest version is I'm an agent, like in Jerry Macguire, in between the customer and the casino. I'm Larry Flynt's host, it's not a secret," Cyr stated when Teddy asked him to explain his job responsbilities.

"This is my 30th year. I started at age 22 at Caeasar's palace," regarding his start in the casino industry.

"There's high rollers and whales. A high roller is someone that will come for a weekend and risk $25,000 to $100,000. A whale, believe it or not, is not necessary a million dollar player — there's guys that will risk $100,000 to a few million — you know if I have a guy from Calfiornia who comes every couple weeks with $100,000 that's a whale, because at the end of the year you've got a shot at a million dollars."

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