Sports bettors discuss point shaving allegations against FSU QB

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Sportsbook Review posters are discussing wild allegations that have come to light against troubled Florida State QB Jameis Winston.

A betting website has speculated that Winston may have been involved in point shaving — altering the point spread of games he played in — to aid a friend in winning a $5,000 wager placed with a local bookie.

The unconfirmed report, which true or not channel the memory of disgraced ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy and his gambling on games, was first reported at IBN Sports Wrap and later picked up by sites such as TMZ.

Point shaving is a felony that can carry up to a five-year prison sentence.

In summary, a former high school teammate of Winston's placed a series of wagers with a local bookmaker over an extended period of time leading up to a $5,500 to win $5,000 bet on the first half of the Seminoles vs. Cardinals game on October 30.

The teammate, identified as Chris Rabb, wagered on Louisville +1, meaning that the Cardinals would have to be leading or tied at half-time for the wager to be successful.

Winston was chided for his play during the half which saw him throw two interceptions and struggle mightily with accuracy. The poor performance, labeled one of his worst halves ever by Fox Sports, was exactly what Rabb needed to collect on his $5,000 bet. The bookie however reneged on paying out the winning bet after discovering his past connection with Winston and accused the bettor of conspiring with the Florida State signal caller.

It all sounds silly, but so does stealing crab legs at a supermarket, which the Heisman trophy winner was issued a civil citation for.

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