Sports Bettor asks proper way to re-register at Sportsbooks

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An online sports bettor has presented the following question to the SBR Sportsbook Forum: What is the best way of going about re-registering at online sportsbooks that I may have already done business with years ago, but can no longer remember the log-in credentials for?

The player wants to avoid being flagged for being a "multi-accounter" or troublemaker.

Whenever an online sportsbook detects that a player has more than one log-in, most of the time the outcome is not favorable for players.

While good betting sites will often use reasonable discretion and determine if a player is acting with good or bad intent, sportsbooks ranked lower in the rating guide will use any rule violation to justify confiscating winning balances.

What should the player do?
First, determine if the online sportsbook offers a password reset. Some websites allow players who have forgotten their sign-in name or password to have their credentials sent to them by email.

If this is not the case, contact the online sportsbook through live chat, telephone, or email and clearly explain that years ago there is a possibility that an account existed with the sportsbook, and that the credentials were lost.

Handling the situation in an above board manner will ensure no run-ins with the sportsbook fraud department, which would most likely follow if the player created another account and was subsequently flagged as having more than one log-in.

Why can't bettors play with multi-accounts?
Newer players might see how bitcoin exclusive sportsbooks perform no verification checks on accounts and think that all sportsbooks should act this way. The fact is there are marked differences between a bitcoin exclusive website, which offers no bonuses or incentives worth double-dipping for, and a traditional online sportsbook.

With traditional betting sites, players might receive a sportsbook bonus after creating their account or making their first deposit. Consequently, potential troublemakers might try to capitalize on this by receiving the same bonus multiple times -- if not through their own name, through a buddy visiting from out of town, or a relative with a different surname.

Aside from the sportsbook bonus programs in place, players might want to circumvent a wagering limit on a certain event to increase their position on the game at a beneficial line not offered by another sportsbook, or to circumvent a limit imposed by the betting site specifically on their account.

The scenarios go on and on. Players need to be aware of the terms and conditions of any sportsbook, and have an appreciation for the common rules that are likely to be in place at all sportsbooks unless otherwise stated.

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