Sports Betting Websites: 2 Ways to Compare Bonuses

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Sports betting websites often attempt to attract new business and maintain returning clients by the size of their bonus.

There are a handful of sportsbooks that believe - perhaps rightly so - that year-round bettors prefer lower bookmaking margins and instead offer reduced juice (Any vig of less than -110 is considered reduced juice). Whichever benefit appeals to you, there are easy ways to filter through the offers. Sportsbook Review shows you how.

#1 Using the best sports betting website bonuses list
Sportsbook Review created the best sportsbook bonuses list with the player in mind who seeks out value after the fine print.

The bonuses list is ordered by what SBR calls the True Bonus. Simply put, the higher the true bonus (the difference between the bonus amount and play-through requirement), the better value for the bonus hunter and more likely one is to show a profit after a series of wagers.

The true bonus formula is as follows: $ Bonus / Rollover = True Bonus (divided in half for a freeplay).

For example, a 50% cash bonus awards $50 on a $100 deposit. If this bonus comes with a three times play-through or rollover, you would have to bet $330 before you can withdraw. So, the true bonus works out to be 16%.

If we swap out the cash bonus for a free play, you would divide the value of the bonus in half, making for an 8% true bonus. This is because unlike with cash bonuses, you only receive the winning amount from any bet made using a free play, not the risk amount as well.

The sportsbook bonuses list also categorizes betting sites by the value of the sign up bonus - whether cash or free play -, the rollover required, and the maximum bonus that can be awarded through a single deposit.

The list shows betting sites that are at a minimum of good standing with players - this means websites rated C or higher, though SBR cautions readers that for the best experience possible, i.e. less customer service hiccups or payment delays, betting sites rated B or higher are best. With that out of the way, the rating of each sportsbook otherwise has no influence on the page.

Players are able to click the columns of the bonus directory to sort in order of what matters to them, including sorting by sportsbook rating, the sortable categories are shown below highlighted in yellow:

#2 Using the Sportsbook Rating Guide
The sportsbook rating guide can be overwhelming for new players or players who never realized how many features matter to seasoned bettors when shopping for a new betting site. But, you can use the sportsbook rating guide to only shop for bonuses if that is your cup of tea, and in that aspect it can be considered an extension of the sportsbook bonuses list.

Online sportsbooks that are displayed on the bonuses list (and who are rated C or higher) display the same bonus offers in both places, so you can only check one or the other depending on which tool you would like to use.

However, sportsbooks held in lower standing (C- or below through F) also have their bonus offers listed for informational purposes.

Players can see cash, free play, and match bet offers simultaneously, or one at a time, and choose to filter by a minimum percentage or dollar amount. This allows for quick and effective shopping, and as results are displayed players can navigate directly to the betting site or opt to read their news history before making a decision.

In addition to looking for bonuses, the rating guide can be used to browse sportsbooks by many other features that may be of importance, such as the platform features offered, countries accepted, sports offered, how long the betting site has been online, where each site is located, and so on.

Players with feedback on either the bonuses page or sportsbook rating guide should write to

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