Sportingbet refuses to apply bonus; AGCC rubberstamps decision

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A Sportingbet (SBR rating D+) player has been denied a £50 free bet promotion. The player signed up to take advantage of the "risk free" proposition, which only required that the player's first wager be placed at odds of 1.5 or greater. After placing a losing wager on the Wolverhampton Wanderers, the player expected to see the £50 free bet. One week passed and the player decided to make an enquiry with Sportingbet. The player was told that the bonus would not be issued in accordance with a policy that allowed it to not honour its promotion at its own discretion.

In disbelief that after signing up and being in full compliance the free bet would not be granted, the player launched a complaint with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The AGCC—which licenses Sportingbet—ruled in favour of Sportingbet, even acknowledging that the sportsbook was not required to provide information on how it determined the player was not eligible. The prompt rubberstamping of the failure to honour the promotion leads SBR to question whether the AGCC reviewed such evidence itself.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission: AGCC is satisfied that Sportingbet has followed its approved processes, and also clearly informed its customers of the rules pertaining to this bonus offer. It is not within the regulator’s remit to require Sportingbet to provide its customers with information on why it has reached a certain decision on eligibility of a bonus offer.

The rule enforced by Sportingbet reads:

Sportingbet reserves the right to  refuse a free bet to a customer where Sportingbet reasonably believes that such  customer has historically or is abusing or defrauding the free bet system, for  example engaging in arbitrage.

The player provides this chat transcript with a SportingBet representative:

SportingBet: I am sorry unfortunately you are not entitled to this offer because of rule number 13 on the terms and conditions list as follows: 13.Sportingbet reserves the right to refuse a free bet to a customer where Sportingbet reasonably believes that such customer has historically or is abusing or defrauding the free bet system, for example engaging in arbitrage.
Player: i dont understand what I have done wrong? My boyfriend is german so thats why I bet on German football. My plan was to back Bayern in european cup this week
SportingBet: I am sorry {name redacted} this is a decision taken from trading department based on the customer's betting activity evidence
Player: I dont understand. This is my first ever bet online and I chose sportingbet as it said it was risk free?
SportingBet: I don't have any such evidence about your betting {name redacted} as it is only the traders authorization to have this maybe is because you might have other accounts with different bookmakers and something is coming up
Player: I dont have any other accounts, how do I appeal this decision?
SportingBet: Limits are set by our Trading Department and are reviewed regularly. I will pass on your request to Trading for their consideration, but for now this is a management decision that cannot be overturned immediately. Our Traders will monitor the business on your account and adjust limits accordingly
Player: I feel like I have been drawn in unfairly.
Player: as the offer said risk free
SportingBet: I know that but these are the terms now {name redacted}
Player: Do i get my money back as you are not honouring the advertisement?
SportingBet: You have used your money {name redacted} on the bet s oI am sorry but you can not get them back

SBR argued that Sportingbet unjustly denied a promotion from a player; and provided no evidence that the player was in breach of house rules. The player maintains having only made one account with Sportingbet to take advantage of the free bet promotion. Sportingbet is unwilling to discuss the claim, and stands by the AGCC's ruling. Players are advised to avoid choosing to play with Sportingbet on the basis of its promotions, as the sportsbook has shown it will at its own discretion not honour the bonus programs.

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