SportingBet denies earned bonus

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A SportingBet (SBR rating D+) player submits a bonus dispute. The player joined SportingBet to take advantage of a free bet promotion run on World Cup qualifying matches, which took place from October 12th-17th. The promotion required the player to place individual bets of £10 minimum. He deposited £100 and proceeded to fulfill the wagering terms.

However, SportingBet denied to credit the free bet.

SportingBet allegedly cited "Rule 12", which states that it has the right to deny a bonus to a player it suspects of engaging in arbitrage.

SportingBet player: "I recently participated in a promotion on Sportingbet to acquire a free bet by placing separate bets of £10 or more on world Cup qualifing matches taking place from 12th-17th October. I placed the required 30 bets to obtain the maximum (£100) free bet. However, my free bet has not been granted. When I asked through their online customer services why this was, I was told I was not eligible because of 'Rule 12'. I'm afraid I didn't keep a transcript of the conversation, but the rule appeared to allow them to refuse any customer a free bet on the basis that they thought they were or had been involved in arbitrage. I feel this exclusion is unfair because a) it was not clear in the terms and conditions of the promotion, nor anywhere else on the website, and b) the arbitrary nature of the decision to exclude, makes it impossible for any customer to determine if the rule applies to them. Even knowing the rule exists I still feel aggrieved by Sportingbet's decision to apply it to me.For these reasons I would suggest Sportingbet should honour the £100 free bet I acquired through this promotion.

SportingBet has a history of unjustly denying earned promotions to players. SBR reported on May 8th 2012 that the Alderney Gambling Control Commission rubberstamped a SportingBet bonus refusal.

SportingBet is rated D+ by SBR in the sportsbook ratings guide.

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