SmartLiveGaming voids bet due to "rapid fluctuation" of odds

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A SmartLiveGaming player has submitted a wagering complaint.

The player wagered £100 at the odds of 10/3 for horse Dilgura to win the 5.00 race at Salisbury.

Dilgura won the race, but the player's £100 stake was voided by the online sportsbook. Live chat advised the player that there was a "rapid fluctuation" of the odds prior to the start of the race.

The player has objected to this explanation stating it is not a plausible explanation. Indeed, the market moving against the house has no bearing on the player's ticket.

Even if the player wagered on odds that had already shifted across the rest of the market, betting sites cannot penalize players for their lines managers falling asleep at the wheel.

SBR has asked SmartLiveGaming for comment on the player's complaint.

SmartLiveGaming is a D+ rated online sportsbook in the betting sites rating guide. SmartLiveGaming is licensed and regulated by both the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

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