SmartLiveGaming player yet to be paid from Euro 2016 R16 bet

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Update: SmartLiveGaming has acknowledged the complaint and has said comment will be made shortly.

A SmartLiveGaming (SBR rating D+) player has filed a sportsbook complaint.

The player profited on the England vs. Iceland game during Euro 2016's Round of 16. He won approximately 190 GBP on the fixture and then asked to be paid his balance from SmartLive.

He has advised SBR that he was betting his own deposited cash and received no bonus offer.

Live chat support has informed the bettor that his account is under review and apologized for the delay.

He has not been informed when this process is expected to be completed and after two chat sessions remain unclear on when exactly he will be paid his funds.

During the second chat encounter with SmartLiveGaming support, the player was advised of issues with a third-party payment provider but was assured that he would have his funds in around 48 hours from that correspondence.

The time-frame has since passed and a follow-up email the player sent on July 7 has not been responded to, prompting the player to submit a complaint with Sportsbook Review.

Online sports betting sites must be able to honor withdrawals on time. D+ rated betting sites are much more likely to have issues processing transactions in a reasonable amount of time than higher rated industry peers.

Sportsbook Review reported on May 26 that SmartLiveGaming advised a player that they had to check his account for wagering violations before honoring his withdrawal. This type of delay is considered unreasonable as it violates the basic good faith of the industry standard: if there is no legitimate reason to delay processing a player's withdrawal, postponing the withdrawal to search for possible evidence the player has violated rules is seen as being a stall tactic.

SBR has asked SmartLiveGaming for comment on the payout complaint.

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