SmartLiveGaming delays payout to check for wagering violations

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A sportsbook complaint has been submitted against SmartLiveGaming (SBR rating D+).

A player has claimed that although his identity is fully verified by SmartLiveGaming, the player's withdrawal request has been delayed for about two weeks because SmartLiveGaming is auditing his wagering activity.

SmartLiveGaming wrote the following to the player:

'"Firstly, we would like to confirm that your account has now been fully verified and thank you for your cooperation in providing all required documentation in this regard. Please be further advised that that Smart Live Gaming website and Casino is operated and managed by Smart Gaming Malta Limited, registered in Malta. As such, we are fully regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. Please note that as per the terms and conditions of our company, which you have agreed with upon registration, we reserve to withhold any withdrawal requests, as per our discretion, until we have performed a further review of our client`s entire account game activity."

The player has taken issue with the fact that no date has been established allowing him to withdraw his funds, and that it appears that SmartLiveGaming is sniffing around his history looking for a reason not to pay him.

Sportsbook Review has asked SmartLiveGaming what triggered the review and if there is a date that they expect their audit to be completed.

SmartLiveGaming players with feedback are encouraged to write to

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