SmartLiveGaming complaint #2: UK player winnings dispute

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A SmartLiveGaming (SBR rating D+) player has submitted a complaint with SBR.

The player has given a detailed account of the events that led up to his winnings being confiscated, and maintains that he has done nothing wrong.  This is the second complaint on file and involves the confiscation of £60 in winnings.

The player registered with SmartLiveGaming on November 19, intending to make sports picks. He deposited £20 by debit card and proceeded to pace a few bets. His account balance reached £80 and he decided to test out the withdrawal process two days later. He tells SBR that almost immediately after putting in his payout request that his account was suspended.

He was given no notification by email following the account suspension. He then contacted SmartLiveGaming and was told he had to submit ID documents before he could order a withdrawal. The player understands it is standard KYC procedure, and within one hour of the instruction emailed proof of address, his UK passport, and the front and back of the debit card used to deposit to his account.

24 hours went by, no update.

A day later, on November 23, he was told that his documents were verified, but that it would be one additional day before his account was reopened. Feeling irate and taking issue with what seemed to be an unnecessary wait time, he followed the complaints procedure listed on their website and emailed the designated head of customer service. He believes it was this action that caused SmartLive to decide not to pay his winnings.

He detailed that he blasted SmartLive, taking them to task for unsatisfactory service, closing his account without notifying him, taking 10 minutes to answer routine questions on live help, and lastly indicating he could order a payout after being forced to wait one additional day for his account to be reopened.

SmartLive had a different version of events. The player was told a third party tool fraud monitoring tool indicated he was a high risk to be serviced. The player maintains that he has accounts with "loads of bookmakers in the UK" and offshore and has never had an issue with any other betting site. He vehemently denies the notion that he is in some way a fraudster and has stated that all of his documents were in order.

The player was told only his initial deposit of £20 would be refunded. Sportsbook Review is investigating his complaint.

On October 30, SBR reported that SmartLiveGaming voided an in-play wager for no apparent reason, in a soccer match between Maribor and Radomolje. The wager was offered at the correct marketprice, but due to what was called the rapid fluctuation of odds, the winning bet was voided. The case remains outstanding.

SmartLiveGaming players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint with SBR.

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