Slow-pay Sportsbooks: What not to do as a player

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It is understandable that players can lose their patience dealing with an online sportsbook who is not paying on time.

When it is hard enough to correctly predict the outcome of games and show a profit, the last thing a player wants to do is have to wait to be paid. The reality is the nature of processing in certain regions makes it difficult to pay in a flash like the days of widespread eWallet use in all nations including Canada.

As a result, online sportsbooks have started experimenting with new methods such as bitcoin that allow them not to charge fees on deposits or payouts, and to process the withdrawals as soon as their software allows. There are even bitcoin exclusive sportsbooks who are able to pay instantly.

As a player, if you are in a situation where you are not being paid on time, SBR has suggestions on how to more smoothly go through the process to avoid your payout either being placed in the back of the queue or not paid at all.

Keep your cool with the sportsbook
Do not hurl expletives at live chat employees who are working on minimum wage salaries. It is not their decision to pay you or their responsibility to oversee how quickly you are paid. It is their job to field chats and even if they have to escalate to a manager, it is unlikely that you will have instant gratification, particularly when dealing with a sportsbook in shaky standing or who holds a poor rating.

Never, ever say this word
Saying the word chargeback to an online sportsbook is a lot like saying the word bomb on an airplane. If you are waiting to be paid, dealing with any entity other than your online sportsbook, except for dispute mediators, will go nowhere. In fact, threatening online sportsbooks will most likely lead you with a banned account and possibly render you unable to play with certain sportsbooks in the future. This scenario could occur even when you legitimately feel you have a reason to contact your financial institution.

As an example, (SBR rating D-) is presently behind on over $200,000 in withdrawals to players, and they are outraged. Players have levied all kinds of threats, be they the legal or illegal variety, but this ultimately amounts to pounding sand. Once again, if you're being slow-paid, the best course is to remain polite, take it to the forums to advise others and raise public awareness, and file a sportsbook complaint with SBR. While a blacklisted online sportsbook may never issue your withdrawal, you will at least help other sports bettors from being scammed.

Catching more flies with honey than vinegar
Being polite goes a long way - when a sportsbook rep may be inclined to blow you off and disconnect the chat and not advance your issue, he or she may actually get their boss involved or escalate to the payouts department if you at least thanked them for their time. Remember once again that these individuals are just employees, and the same goes for account managers.

SBR urges players to avoid sportsbooks listed on the blacklist and to compare betting sites using the sportsbooks rating guide to avoid even being in a situation where you are left waiting weeks to be paid.

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