Skybook (SBR Rating B-) player wrote SBR s" />

Skybook payout complaint

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A Skybook (SBR Rating B-) player wrote SBR stating he had requested a bank wire four weeks ago, and had been quoted two different payout dates, of which neither payment was received. Skybook management has stated that the player is scheduled for the next bank wire batch going out in the coming week. Skybook management says a batch of bank wire payments were delayed longer than normal due to operational changes. Skybook recently moved to the BetEz's facility.

Player #1


I requested a bank wire 4 weeks ago. First of all I was told it would be 2 weeks, then I was told 3 weeks. I was very snottily told that "no-one could ever say skybook had not paid them" - although looking now on SBR that clearly isn't the case anymore.

The wire is for $10000. I just logged into my account and the money is still in there and has not even been deducted from my balance yet!!! Can you please help me in this very worrying situation.


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