Six new Stryyke slow payment complaints filed

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Six new Stryyke (SBR rating D) slow payment complaints have been filed with SportsBookReview. The oldest payment request was made on October 18th for €1299. Two of the payouts were requested in November for a total €1532 in owed funds, with the remaining three requested in December and January. The total amount Stryyke owes to the six players is €3707. This brings the figure of total funds owed players that have filed complaints with SBR up to €14,042. Fifteen players have outstanding disputes against Stryyke.


We apologize the payout takes so much time, but please be sure we will send the money as soon as possible. With kind regards Stryyke Issues Team"

Player comments:

I requested a withdrawl from my Stryyke Sportsbook account on 19/12/09  totalling 426.50euro, 1 month later and no funds have ever arrived in my Neteller account.



I have commissioned payment 10 november. I have received no money for today. Can you help me somehow that I received payment. My payment is:817 euro





Hi, I requested a withdrawal (200 euros),two weeks ago,i stil didn't receive my funds. Cs that they will process my request soon.I'll appreciate any help





I made a request to withdraw 1299 Euros from Stryyke to moneybookers on 18/10/09. I have now been waiting over 3 months for this payment to be processed.
At first my e mails were acknowledged but recent e mails have received no response.I note from the SBR forum that you have made payments to customers who requested withdrawals far more recently than mine. Please can you explain why my payment has taken over 3 months to process?









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