Six new Stryyke slow-pay complaints received

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Since SBR's last Stryyke (SBR rating D-) slow-pay update on May 4th, six new player complaints have been filed. The players are owed a combined €3,046, the earliest payment was requested in June of 2009. Stryyke has not replied to SBR inquiries discussing payment delays in the last month. Stryyke owes 28 players €21,843.20. | Read Stryyke player complaints.

Stryyke players:

I made 119? withdrawal to neteller 15.4.2010 and its not arrived. I have send all documents etc before and have one before succesfull withdrawal to neteller. Id like get this 119? also but it takes way too long.



I paid in 400 Euro on via moneybookers. It needs 4 days and a couple of Requests until the money was on my account there. Sure the bet I wanted to play was already decided and I made a withdraw request. They paid out the money on the 14th of April so my new account balance is zero and in my history I can see it with transaction number, and my bank details. But money is still not on my bank account and nobody is answering my mails. So I found these Complaint Form and I hope you can help me to recieve my money.





I withdrawed money on 1st April,but still don't have it and nobody is answering on on my e-mails. Can you help me please?





Hello, I have a problem with sportsbook It's been almost two months since I've requested for payout through moneybookers. But I still have no money on my moneybookers' account. This sportsbook is not in touch with me anymore, but if they sent me few emails full of affirmation of giving me my money as soon as possible and they told me not to be worry, but actually I am. So I'm asking you for a help, because I don't know what to do anymore. I'm sure that you can fix this.



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