Six Categories That Make a Sportsbook Great

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What makes an online sportsbook great? The answer is found in the six categories below.

Financial Stability
Sportsbook ratings are determined by solvency and the payout track record of each company. Betting sites that have had shaky backgrounds or are linked with prior scams and non-payment of players are not fit to be listed on the best sportsbooks list. Placement on the best sportsbooks list is not for sale, and the online sportsbooks displayed are subject to change. In consideration of user feedback, SBR actively reads the opinions shared in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum, a community with over 400,000 members.

Years Sportsbook Has Been Online
Flavors of the week are OK for smartphones, but not for companies that will be holding your hard-earned funds. An online sportsbook needs to have operated for a minimum of 7 years to be shown on SBR's best sportsbooks list. Mileage matters. It's one thing to pay players for a football season or two, and it's another to handle thousands of transactions on time throughout industry shakeups and processing challenges. Website age is also a filter that users can search by using the betting sites rating guide.

Variety of Cashier Options
It can be a challenge all to its own even to place a bet these days. Until online sports wagering is welcomed with the open arms that fantasy betting enjoys, options such as bitcoin are about as good as it gets whenever credit cards aren't offered, and cheaper, too. Sportsbooks need to stay in touch with the needs of players and enable them to have a smooth, easy experience depositing or withdrawing their funds.

Wagering Variety
Vanilla lines with no real value might be commonplace with average sportsbooks, but the betting sites on the best sportsbook list each excel in a given area or areas, including in-play betting, variety of proposition markets, or limits accepted.

Software & Mobile Betting Platforms
It's a tech world, so sportsbooks are expected to keep up with the times and offer players a smooth experience whether they're on the latest iPhone 7 Plus or Galaxy S7. Many websites, including Sportsbook Review, now offer a fully responsive experience that adapts to the size of your available screen real estate.

Customer Service
User experience is arguably one of the most important aspects of any transaction, whether standing in the queue at the bank, or waiting on-line for an answer from a sportsbook worker via live chat. Betting sites that maintain excellent customer service programs hold some of SBR's highest ratings.

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