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Sportsbook Review news host Natalie Rydstrom recaps how online sports bettors made out wagering on the third and final presidential debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Sports betting sites typically receive a fair amount of interest on general election odds as bettors who are fixed to TV news program bet with both their heads and hearts, attracting both professional and regular players.

Clinton has surged up to a -750 to -800 betting favorite at a handful of online sportsbooks, though better odds can be found by line-shopping for the best available price using the election odds directory. At worst, an $800 bet returns $100 on Clinton, though at best it will only take a $600 wager on the former Secretary of State to defeat Donald Trump come November 8.

Donald Trump was on offer as long as 66 to 1 to win the presidency in June of last year and was previously on offer for as little as 2 to 1, but a rough few weeks and a leaked 2005 interview from NBC's vault have caused him to nosedive in most media polls, though Trump was up in three national polls including the Rasmussen poll. As of now, sportsbooks have yet to react the poll news and it remains to be seen whether gamblers will change their betting patterns.

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