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Online sports bettors looking to use bitcoin to fund their sportsbook accounts can find a list of bitcoin friendly betting sites using the sportsbook rating guide.

Sportsbook Review recently conducted a four-part educational video series covering bitcoin for the average joe and intermediate player who has yet to read much into the hot topic of bitcoin.

It all starts with a bitcoin exchange where players can link a bank account and purchase bitcoin, such as Coinbase or Circle. From there, players can transfer their bitcoin into a wallet such as Airbitz (supports mobile iOS and Android devices). Learn more about this in the how to purchase bitcoin video episode.

Once players are ready to make a withdrawal using bitcoin — possibly frequently due to the occasional shifts in bitcoin value — it is a simple process to withdraw bitcoin back to your wallet, where you can then make a transaction to your exchange and convert your bitcoin into dollars. Players can also simply withdraw from their wallet to their bank account by way of proxy; if using Airbitz, players can withdraw through Glidera, as bitcoin expert Justin recommended in part two of the bitcoin educational series, which covered how to convert bitcoin to cash.

There are plenty of rewards associated with using bitcoin, such as the ability to quickly and cheaply make transactions without borders, without being slowed down by banking fees and business day or longer waiting times. A full list of rewards and some risks are covered in the final segment of the bitcoin educational series.

Below is a chart showing the previous one month of bitcoin's price swings. The data provided is courtesy of

Date Close Price
2/5/2016 385.34
2/4/2016 388.61
2/3/2016 368.93
2/2/2016 372.88
2/1/2016 371.25
1/31/2016 367.13
1/30/2016 376.94
1/29/2016 378.2
1/28/2016 379.38
1/27/2016 394.63
1/26/2016 391.43
1/25/2016 390.66
1/24/2016 402.61
1/23/2016 386.19
1/22/2016 381.76
1/21/2016 409.94
1/20/2016 418.74
1/19/2016 377.74
1/18/2016 385.84
1/17/2016 380.21
1/16/2016 387.66
1/15/2016 358.77
1/14/2016 429.73
1/13/2016 432.04
1/12/2016 432.88
1/11/2016 448.38
1/10/2016 448.96
1/9/2016 449.14
1/8/2016 453.37
1/7/2016 458.28
1/6/2016 429.46
1/5/2016 432.25

Sportsbook Review has a bitcoin sports betting forum dedicated for gambler discussion and feedback on bitcoin betting sites.

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