Shilbet not paying or answering winner emails

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Multiple Shilbet (SBR rating F) no-pay complaints are received this weekend following last week's reports of fraud. Players are advised to attempt withdrawals and warn other players about

Player #1 Comments

Hello SBR, As I can see you have written already on your site 2 costumers have had complaining regarding the match between Equador - Argentina. I aswell placed the bet as this fulltime outcome where they had odds (decimal) 4 on Equador. I placed a relative big ammount but then after they finished it they changed it to a halftime bet.

Call me stupid but I have also used them after that episode cause have received some money through moneybookers, so it is not all fake. The latest is that I placed a bet between Francesca Schiavone VS Michelle Larcher de Brito here I
placed xxx $ on outcome 1. She won 2-0 i sets. So the bet was definetly won.( Here I took a screenshot so I have evidence) But after over 24 hours ( enough time for them to figure out what way to cheat me, they changed the names so it looked like my bet, 1. Was now Michelle Larcher de Brito. ( This they can do every single time.) I really think this is a fraud company.!!

What can I do, cause as I wrote I have my screenshot).

Player #2 Comments
I deposited 150$ and they gave me 15$ bonus...without asking.I placed a bet and won 540 bu when i tried to withdraw received the same message...that i must make a rollover of (150+15)*7...I understand not to let me withdraw the bonus...i dont even want it...but I should be able to withdraw my money. I made the rollover
anyway..with some minimal odds of 1.01...because there is nowhere specified what the odds for the turnover should be....but they mailed me that the odds are two small...still not told me what odds I should use...Until yeserday on their site it said they where registered to IBAS, and all the conflicts will be solved by them, but then I mailed IBAS and they told me they have no such thing shilbet in their evidence, and forced them to remove all material regarding IBAS...I also mailed gambling commission but, the same answer...they couldn't find where shilbet is registered at

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