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The SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum is where online sports bettors gather to discuss the sportsbook world.

The message-board, which is open to the public, allows bettors to share experiences with sports betting sites and to discuss which betting companies are paying quickly or not at all.

Quality of customer service, and the strength of bonuses are other common topics.

Players can create a forum account or simply log-in using Facebook credentials at the SBR Forum.

The forum opinion of overall top sportsbooks are displayed in the top left of the posting forum.

Below is the top five of the most recently conducted top sportsbooks poll held on the SBR posters' network.

Book Total Pts Pts#1 Pts#2 Pts#3
#1. 5Dimes 540 400 120 20
#2. Heritage 345 125 180 40
#3. Bookmaker 285 100 105 80
#4. Pinnacle 250 175 45 30
#5. Bet365 135 75 30 30

Poster's Poll
675 Pts
665 Pts
380 Pts
310 Pts
165 Pts

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