Seven new Stryyke slow-pay complaints reported

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Seven new Stryyke (SBR rating D-) slow-pay complaints have been reported. Stryyke owes the seven players a combined €3,519. This brings Stryyke's total debt to 23 players up to €18,752.95. The earliest payment was requested in May of 2009.

Player comments:

I have requested a withdrawel of 736? from the bookmaker Stryyke on January 11 2010.  To this day i have not received the money, and they dont respond to any of the mails i have send them.


no payout since february. first they said everything is ok for payout after I sent my identity card. Then nothing happened. After a lot of emails stryyke said they need a bank statement for the payout. I sent the statement. Nothing happened. After a lot of emails again they are now saying they received the document, but meanwhile there are suspicous activities ( fraud ) and they have frozen my account for further investigation. In my opinion they only want to avoid the payout ( 200 Euro ). It is courious that the payout was already seen on my account after I sent my identity card to them and now months later they blocked my account after I sent everything they needed to them. Please help me.


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