Scam sportsbook WSEX owes more than $1 million

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A WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating F) victim has filed a complaint with SBR. The player has a balance of $3,000 with the no-pay sportsbook and has given up hope on ever being paid. Like many others, he has waited for over three years. WSEX support continues to cycle through their littany of excuses blaming processors and government agencies for their failure to honor their obligations.

World Sports Exchange was once a highly regarded online sportsbook company by Sportsbook Review as well as many other watchdog services. first got into trouble in the opening quarter of 2009. As the problems first surfaced many players asked for and successfully received their funds. The high volume of withdrawals and slow-down in deposits led to grueling wait times for some players.

WSEX was downgraded a series of times by SBR as the wait time for funds increased. Management admitted cherry-picking payouts to process based on their size and player history. Players who were considered wise were placed at the back of the queue regardless of when they requested payment. Then there was no queue at all.

The last major wave of WSEX payouts came in October of 2010 as players reported receiving $124,617. Unfortunately, things quickly snowballed out of control once again and the sportsbook showed it was unable or unwilling to pay its players. WSEX ceased all communication with SBR, amped up its marketing through bonus offerings and pretended that all is well. New players are routinely lied to by WSEX staff.

More than 200 WSEX players are owed approximately $1 million. WSEX is on the SBR scam sportsbook blacklist.

WSEX downgrade history:

5/17/2012 WSEX downgraded from D- to F
3/1/2011 WSEX Sportsbook downgraded from D to D-
7/3/2010 WSEX downgraded from D+ to D
6/7/2010 WSEX downgraded from C- to D+
3/25/2010 WSEX downgraded from C to C-
8/24/2009 WSEX downgraded from B- to C
7/28/2009 WSEX downgraded from B to B-
5/17/2009 WSEX downgraded from B+ to B
4/23/2009 WSEX lowered from A- to B+
3/17/2009 WSEX lowered from A+ to A-

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