Scam sportsbook stiffs bettor

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131Sport (SBR rating F), which previously operated under the name Honeybet and before that, Londonbet, stiffs player $41,000. Read about a player's unfortunate experience here.

I am [edit], citizen of Ukraine. I decided to approach you for assistance. I have been a client of Indonesian online sportsbook. They changed names several times. First they were called, then and now I transferred funds to them several times during last two years. My User Name and Account Number is [edit] in that sportsbook. It is still open and shows my funds that I had withdrew. According to sportsbook reviews they are an Indonesian sportsbook but located and allegedly have betting license in the Philippines. At the home page of their site they give telephone +6390629899999 (international code of the Philippines).

For some time I had no problem with them and what problems could I have if it was mainly me who sent money to them. When I requested withdrawal in October, 2006 they sent me bankwire but with great delay. When I finally got it I decided to withdraw the rest of my funds from my sportsbook account. So on April, 1st 2007 I requested withdrawal of $41,000. At that time they still were called According to their rules they should have sent bankwire to me within 3 banking days. After waiting for some time and getting nothing I contacted them via LIVE CHAT because they ignored my e-mails.
Operators calmed me down and explained delay in payment by lame excuses such as 5-day national holidays, then absence of their accountant. I began to understand that something was wrong. Finally one day they put their site to maintenance and automatically redirected it to new site When I asked why they changed from to operators said that it had been their boss' decision and that this would not influence clients in any way, they would automatically become clients of Live Chat operators continued to calm me down saying they would transfer money as soon as construction of new site was over.

When the site had been ready at last they suddenly began avoiding contact with me. When I had entered Live Chat under my user name [edit] they simply did not answer. When I had entered under some other thought up names they answered promptly and if I confessed that it was me and asked about payment they were silent again.

At last I phoned them and man called Dave who earlier also had calmed me down by promises told me outright that they are and bare no responsibility for So simply by changing name they want to rob their customers (perhaps not all customers but me for sure). One thing if they would be bankrupt. There would be no question then. But they are continuing to accept bets and invite people to open accounts with them and transfer funds to them to play. They give bank instructions to fund new accounts using Bank Central Asia in Jakarta. I contacted that bank twice for assistance but they also did not answer my e-mails. I still hope to get my money back and I hope you can help me or advice what to do. Please excuse my rather detailed description of my problem and my poor English. I hope for your help very much and for your reply to this letter. Best regards, [edit]

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