Scam sportsbook Oddsmaker threatens player

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Oddsmaker Sportsbook news

An Oddsmaker Sportsbook (SBR rating F) player has filed a complaint alleging that he has been threatened with legal action over an account dispute. The player claims that after researching Oddsmaker's history he decided he wanted his account to be closed. Oddsmaker ignored the request, leading to the skirmish.

He told Oddsmaker that if his account was not closed he would cause financial trouble for them. It was a bluff he claims - one that worked.

Days later closed his account and all was over so he thought. One week later head of fraud Tony Massina, the heel at the center of the well-known $45,000 confiscation, threatened him with legal action. As a result of the player's words Oddsmaker preemptively returned his deposits.

The player confirmed that $1,731.55 posted to his account.

An argument ensued and the player offered to return the funds but Oddsmaker insisted he send them $3,420 - a larger number which was never explained, perhaps as a result of lost winnings off deposited funds. 

Oddsmaker has confiscated more than $250,000 from winning players to date citing only non-recreational play is welcomed ... non-recreational being code word for losing.

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