Scam sportsbook Getwin steals from winning players

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Getwin Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) has not reversed its decision to confiscate sportsbook winnings from eight players. SBR reported on April 24th that Getwin seized winnings from players it accused of organized betting.

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Getwin failed to offer evidence to show that any of the players were related. Getwin's rules allow for it to make negative adjustments to accounts of players that are considered to be professional bettors. The situation is reminiscent of's theft of winning players.


GetWin player:I just saw your video about Getwin scamming players. Unfortunatelly I am also one of the scammed players. They stole more then 5700 EUR from me. Of course, no syndicate from me, just used BetOnValue to get good odds, and there were many on Getwin, becaus eof their slow odd changes.

I don't want to bother you too much, I'm sure a lot of players in my same situation contacted you. I just want to ask you if you think, from your past experience with scam bookies, there is any chance I can get my money back

Getwin holds a license from the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta. Several scam sportsbooks have operated with impunity in Malta. Malta gaming officials suspended the license of Stryyke Sportsbook (SBR rating F), but not before players were stiffed more than €30,000. Stryyke continued to operate until going off-line in 2010.



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