Scam alert: WSEX Sportsbook

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WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating F) players are owed $916,053. The WSEX users all report a similar story: they are told that processing is made difficult by banking regulations, and that payouts are delayed as a result. WSEX representatives are unwilling to speak with SportsbookReview. WSEX is listed in the SBR scam sportsbook blacklist.

Many players ask what went wrong. There's no good answer. WSEX was once a well-regarded sportsbook, a site many professionals kept a balance at. WSEX was one of the first and best in offering political deriviatives, in-game betting, and other attractive options that reeled in the big boys as well as the small-money bettors.

A player named "Mike" wrote into SBR sharing his frustration: "I've been a customer of World Sports Exchange (WSEX) for 10+ years and never in the past had an issue cashing in or cashing out. When I call them, they keep giving me the run around. I have over $17,000 sitting in my account that I want to get out."

Many others detail the same.

The last glimmer of hope for WSEX players came in the fall of 2010, when players reporting receiving $124,617. Since that time, the debt has more than quadrupled. SBR is unable to do much aside from educate users on the importance of actively checking sportsbook ratings, scanning the forums for payment feedback, and not allowing account balances to grow uncomfortably high.

WSEX was downgraded five times by SBR in 2009 to the rating of C. WSEX would become a D-rated book in 2010, and later land on the sportsbook blacklist. A majority of the near two hundred players have payout requests dated from 2011 to 2012.

One player fortunate enough to get his funds out as WSEX began sputtering comments on his luck: "I will say this, I got every dollar I was owed. Took them a long while but I got paid. After that I quit following the thread at SBR, are they not paying out at all now?"

Scam sportsbooks like WSEX make no mention of their financial hardship to unsuspecting players. SBR posed as a potential new player inquiring about a signup bonus and payouts and received no indication of any trouble with the sportsbook.

SBR urges all players to avoid the F-rated WSEX Sportsbook.

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