Scam Alert: stalling payouts by offering bonuses

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A (SBR rating D-) player tells SBR that a $4,000 payment was cancelled on August 19th, 2011 due to processor problems. The player was told to submit another payout request and that it would be given priority due to the first botched withdrawal. The player resubmitted a payout request for $5,000 on August 19th. As of September 14th, 2011, (ag) has not rendered payment to the player.

The player is the second to report receiving an email from the dodgy, blacklisted sportsbook offering him a 20% bonus up to $1,000 for canceling his withdrawal. On September 12th, SBR reported that offered a bonus to a player for cancelling his withdrawal request. has developed an unfavorable reputation for its treatment of winning players, and is most notorious for confiscating over $100,000 from players that wagered correlated parlays years ago.'s maintains a rating of D- in the SBR Sportsbook ratings guide. | bonus email email to players:



You can turn your pending withdrawal into a huge NFL Kickoff Bonus right now. Simply cancel your withdrawal before 12pm ET on Friday, Sept. 9 and I'll give you a 25% Bonus*, based on the amount of each withdrawal you cancel. It's just like getting a Deposit Bonus.

Simply follow these three easy steps:
Log into your account here
Visit the Cashier and select "Cancel Withdrawal"
Email your Customer ID (CID) to after you've cancelled it
Your withdrawal funds are credited back to your account for instant betting with your bonus credited within 24 hours. Add it up and it's the perfect way to start a great season of NFL action.

Plus, if you clear all your withdrawals you can deposit and cash in on our great kickoff deals like a 20% Deposit Bonus using promocode: ****** this Thursday only.








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