Scam Alert - Oddsmaker Sportsbook steals bettors funds

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Oddsmaker (SBR rating F) adds another victim. The scam online sportsbook confiscates a $6,500 balance from a player following a withdrawal request. | Oddsmaker robs players

An Oddsmaker player requested a $3,500 payout in May of 2011. The day following his cashout request, his account was deactivated with a message to conduct customer support. After speaking with an Oddsmaker manager, the player was informed that his account would be permanently deactivated and that his $6,500 balance would be seized.

The Oddsmaker player's violation? Winning.

Oddsmaker has openly justified the seizure of players funds that it determines to be "professional players".

Unlike other scam sportsbooks, Oddsmaker is the first sportsbook to justify confiscating funds from individual players that it does not even accuse of being related to other accounts. There are no allegations of syndicate wagering or acting in concert with other players, merely, the players winnings exceed Oddsmaker's tolerance.

This latest instance of theft brings Oddsmaker's total of stolen funds up to $192,632.

Oddsmaker management has shown a great deal of arrogance in their communication with SBR, pointing to their rulebook which outlaws "professional play". Oddsmaker's definition of professional play is open for interpretation; all that remains clear is that players who have turned a profit playing at the sportsbook will eventually have their balances stolen.

SBR mediator Justin7 met with Oddsmaker representatives in Las Vegas during Super Bowl weekend. In this meeting, Oddsmaker managers claimed that they were keen on improving their positioning within the sportsbook ratings guide, and that they were willing to allow SBR to mediate disputes. Despite that meeting, Oddsmaker continued to seize balances of winning players and has effectively severed discussions with Sportsbook Review. Oddsmaker carries the mark of F on the SBR scam sportsbook blacklist.

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