Scam Alert: CreditWagering Sportsbook downgraded to F

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CreditWagering Sportsbook (SBR rating F) players have reported fourteen outstanding slow-pay complaints. The most recent of which is a player that contacted SBR stating he asked for a $905 payout on April 1st. In total, CreditWagering players have reported being slow-paid $22,330. CreditWagering has had their mark lowered to F on the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist.

CreditWagering History
CreditWagering was initiated with a rating of D by SBR in August of 2008 after consistent feedback from players without any recorded slow-pay complaints. SBR cautioned players that the CreditWagering business model of extending credit to all players that submit ID was unlikely to be successful long-term. CreditWagering was downgraded to D- on May 11th after slow-pay reports were confirmed. Over the following several months, more sportsbook complaints were submitted and communication with CreditWagering management became more sparing.

The last confirmed CreditWagering payouts were reported by players on May 22nd.

Dangers of playing on credit
Wagering on credit can be an instant path to financial ruin for problem gamblers, even recreational players get in over their heads betting with funds they cannot afford to lose or repay in the event that their bets are unsuccessful. SBR advises players with compulsive tendencies to limit their playing with post-up sportsbooks, as the only potential loss a player can face are his deposited funds. Players with severe gambling habits that are betting on credit and cannot afford to are advised to seek professional help. SBR is available to talk with and aid gamblers that wish to step away from the tables or find an outlet for assistance. SBR can be reached by writing to and by phone during regular business hours at 830-515-4122.

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