Scam alert on BetRevolution Sportsbook

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BetRevolution news

Earlier this year, BetRevolution Sportsbook confiscated $26,908 from a trio of sports bettors. BetRevolution accused the players of syndicate betting in a long diatribe posted on sports forums and has been unwilling to revisit the theft, or to discuss reports of slow-payment with SBR. BetRevolution is on the SBR blacklist.

SBR first reported of the BetRevolution scam on April 1.

When SBR first contacted BetRevolution to discuss the cases, BetRevolution provided an attachment containing screenshots of the users Facebook profiles. The profiles showed the full names of two of the players who filed SBR complaints and appeared to show that they were tagged as friends.

The crux of BetRevolution's argument was that the players conspired to circumvent house limits by betting in concert with each another. BetRevolution put forth a limited amount of statistics showing wagering consistencies in an attempt to strengthen their argument. The sportsbook believed that because its betting odds were not featured on any odds monitoring service (such as SBR Odds) that the players must have tipped one another off on what advantageous lines were being offered.

BetRevolution's cited rule read: "If the wager(s) are deemed to have been placed by multiple players or syndicates in an attempt to circumvent the rules, limits, bonuses conditions, etc. If such wager(s) are taken in error they will be cancelled/revoked."

Summary of BetRevolution case

BetRevolution accepted the bets in question and must pay — the old industry standard of "you book the bet, you pay" applies. A sportsbook cannot give itself the power to seize balances because it believes friends shared picks with one another.

BetRevolution accepted wagers from the players for several months. When a sportsbook accepts wagers it has no intention of paying, that is referred to as a "freeroll": A common tactic used by many scam sportsbooks. The players could have lost their combined $26,908, but being paid was not a possibility.

Follow on twitter. SBR has been the leading online sportsbook industry watchdog since 1999. Players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form. Players with general questions may also contact SBR by writing to

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