Scam alert: BetJambo Sportsbook

Share with: is the latest sportsbook in the Apex Sportsbook family. BetJambo claimed to hold a sportsbook rating of B at SBR, displaying the message prominently on its homepage. The tactic is not unusual for Apex Group books, as one skin piggybacks on the name of an A+ rated sportsbook in an attempt to confuse new bettors.

Apex Sportsbook went off-line in 2005, stiffing their customers at the time of shutdown.

Since the closure, Apex Robbie McPhail revitalized the brand after making the more successful Bet33 Sportsbook, which to date has no outstanding payout complaints, and allowed for the reopening of more brands.

SBR assisted formerly owed Apex players in receiving their account balances years later: one Apex player was paid after six years.

Apex owner Robbie attempts to keep the brands of his with favorable press seperate from the others. For example, Robbie complained to SBR that he wanted Bet33 and 1Vice to grouped under RDG Corp, with the remaining sportsbooks in the family listed as powered by AmericasBookie.

After the rating scam was exposed, BetJambo removed the dishonest ad from its homepage.

Screenshot of BetJambo's fake SBR rating:

Due to deceptions and ownership history, the RDG Corp./Apex family ratings have topped at D+.

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