Scam Alert: BestHockeyBetting (SBR rating F) offers scam bonus of 20%

Share with: (SBR rating F) is offering a signup bonus of 20% to new accounts. BestHockeyBetting is a scam sportsbook under what is now a mostly defunct sportsbook group, EZ Sports. EZ Sports operated 49 sportsbook domain names at its peak and has scammed players out of hundreds of thousands in winnings. One of those players wrote in to SBR today indicating he had been stiffed $45,500 by (SBR rating F) in 2005. Vegas-Sportsbetting, like nearly all other former domains under the EZ Sports platform is now a sportsbook referrals site. | EZ Sports report player:

From 2004 to 2005 I built a balance of $52,000 at payments then stopped in the summer of 2005. I was told it is the slow season and I would have to wait until football season. This was unacceptable so I kept calling to speak with Alonzo. After being yelled at and hung up on countless times, my log in information was locked.

I filed a complaint to the Neteller public relations department but when vegas-sportsbetting was contacted, they lied and advised I was paid the entire balance.

I finally agreed to a $5,000 wire transfer payout because I had a feeling I would never see my money. I was asked to forward my banking information and the transfer of $5,000 would be sent. This never happened.



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