Scam Alert: Apex/Bet33 Sportsbook Group

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Bet33 (SBR rating D-) was founded in 2005 by Robbie Mcphail, owner of scam operation Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F).

Apex Sportsbook History
Apex Sportsbook was given a rating of D in April of 2004 by SportsBookReview. Apex Robbie used his experience with online marketing to rank highly in search engines, placing Apex on the map as a sportsbook which offered too good to be true bonuses that were successful reeling in player deposits. This big-bonus business model set Apex on a path of financial ruin, and just two short months after being recognized as a (albeit lowly) rated sportsbook, Apex closed its doors and stiffed its players thousands in winnings.

Creation of Bet33 & other Brands
Apex Robbie's newest venture, Bet33, was launched in 2005 and financed with the unpaid winnings of Apex Sportsbook players. Robbie acquired new players through mailing lists and established Bet33 as another sportsbook that would appeal to bettors who would be categorized as bonus-hunters. | Full Apex/Bet33 Sportsbook report.

After Bet33 began to take in deposits, Robbie experimented with a new idea of registering domain names extremely similar to already proven, trusted online sportsbooks. Robbie created to mislead unknowing players into thinking they were depositing at then well-regarded LasPalmas (SBR rating B). His next creation was, named after Legends (SBR rating A+), and finally the now defunct PhoenixRacebook which piggybacked on the name of BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+).

Bet33's upgrade to D-
In July of 2009, Bet33 was upgraded to D- to reflect a lesser risk than the typical F rated sportsbook. SBR had not receive nonpayment reports since late 2005 when Bet33 was added to the SBR Sportsbook Rating Guide. Once Robbie acquired a large enough customer base to sustain a profitable operation, he decided it was in his best interest to pay his current customers.

Players considering Bet33 must factor in the inherent risks from playing with an outfit that has proven it will walk away with players money. Bet33 is currently marketing a 100% signup bonus; a red flag in and of itself. Bet33 remains on the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist with its mark of D-.

Old Apex cases
Robbie expressed the desire to revisit old Apex cases and repay players, likely to make a push toward a bigger upgrade by SBR, but has to date paid only one player that SBR wrote in on behalf of. The player was paid his 4-year old $3,000 balance on November 19th.

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