SBR Webmaster Tools 2.0: Real-time Line Moves & Futures

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Sportsbook Review has updated the webmaster tools page with all available odds and scores widgets. While each widget type varies, the mission of each tool is similar: Deliver real-time odds and scores for a configurable number of online sportsbooks.

The webmaster tools allow many customizations such as odds type (American odds vs. decimal), wagering markets, and the order of sportsbooks.

For the technically savvy, the widgets can be configured as iFrames or straight javascript. For the less than technical, the iFrames load slightly quicker than the javascript widgets, but are more limited in functionality. For example, if you have a static game, say team A vs. team B, and the parameters of this match-up would not change, an iFrame may be a better widget to display to your readers. However, if the parameters are subject to change for example as with a full grid where each day there is a different number of events to wager, a javascript widget is better as it will automatically resize and consume no unnecessary space.

SBR Horizontal scoreboard widget
This widget is sized 728x90px and can show one or many leagues. Design to your heart's content. Sportsbook Review will assemble a real-time updating odds widget according to your exact specifications, free of charge. An example is shown below with the default league set to NBA:

Game Odds widget
This widget is sized 178x763px and displays team/person A vs. B. The box can show moneyline, total, halves, quarter, or moneyline winner odds. An example is shown using an NBA moneyline widget:

Full grid widget
The size of this widget varies and depends on how many games are available for wagering today. One or multiple leagues can be set. In the below example, NBA is the default league, and NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB, and NHL odds can be accessed using the dropdown list. There are views for side, moneyline, total, and sides & totals. Odds can be shown for the full game, half, or period based on the sport.


Futures widgets
Between NFL Super Bowl Futures or NCAAB Tournament Odds, real-time updating futures widgets are available for all major sports. The nice thing about these widgets is that even following the event completion, for example the Super Bowl finale, a history of the closing odds for each team is available as the widget stays powered on. Below is an example of an NBA Atlantic Division winner futures table:

There is no limit to the number of teams or players who can be shown on these widgets. Markets such as outright winner in tennis Grand Slam or who's going to win the next World Cup are processed easily and update as quickly as two-way markets. The engine which powers these futures wagers is the exact same as the workhorse behind SBR Odds.

The below example is of multi-way market NFC Conference winner for the 2014-15 NFL season.

If you're a webmaster who would like one of these odds on your website today, simply write in to with a subject titled Odds widget.

View a full list of webmaster tools. Sportsbook Review invites feedback from all webmasters. Additional widgets are being developed and will focus on in-play betting markets and greater international sports features.

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