SBR Sportsbook Forum Poster asks 'Will I get banned for winning'?

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An SBR Sportsbook forum poster has asked "will I get banned for winning too much?"

The member has shared that he's up $5,000 in the last month at an online betting site from his initial deposit of $150, and is concerned on what will happen if he continues his winning ways and grows his balance to $10,000.

The question is a common misconception.

Online sportsbooks do not typically adjust player's wagering limits or boot them simply because they have won their sports bets. It is the type of play that matters.

For example: a player that only bets on bad lines [bookmaking errors], off-market lines, or when he has an unfair edge caused by human error is a player that's likely going to have their limits cut, if not shown the door. These players are sometimes described as steam chasers and shot-takers; players who only wager when they have a big edge caused by a mistake of some kind.

A player that has won $5,000 betting straight wagers is not likely to encounter a problem if there was no issue with the accuracy of the lines. Online sportsbooks need balanced action to make money over the long haul, so active bettors that are handicapping and not taking advantage of errors will be embraced at most betting sites.

Players who are betting the maximum on sports like tennis or cricket when the betting site primarily targets the North American market are likely to have their limit adjusted, however.

Players who primarily wager parlays, teasers, or reverses are not likely to encounter any issues whatsoever, less they are taking advantage of flaws in software allowing for extremely correlated wagers.

SBR advises players that have been limited in the past to mix up their play; including a variety of wagers such as parlays, teasers, or prop bets might help throw risk management off their trail, and ensure that full limits remain for as long as possible.

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