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Mobibet Sportsbook (unrated) players have filed 22 complaints. The players each report that their winnings were confiscated and that they were accused of irregular betting patterns. After a week of back and forth with Mobibet via email, SBR had a 90 minute phone conference with one of the main Mobibet executives regarding the influx of complaints.

Mobibet believes that the players in question are guilty of simply profiting off bonuses. Mobibet specifically argued that users who come in and wager 100% of their deposit after accepting a bonus and then lower their bet size are "bonus abusers". Mobibet claimed that it was advised by platform host OddsMatrix that these patterns are consistent with bonus abuse. SBR argued that it is unacceptable to confiscate winnings from players whose only crime is redeeming a bonus and winning.

Mobibet claimed that three of the 22 players who filed complaints passed the verification process and would be paid. To date the players have confirmed only that their payout requests are pending and accounts unlocked.

The executive was hesitant to commit to paying all of the players prior to discussion with two other founding members. SBR again pointed out that confiscating winnings from bonus winners would lead to a blacklisting of the business and be considered a scam. SBR also pointed out that the practice amounts to a freeroll as players who deposit and lose after chasing a bonus would surely not be refunded merely due to their wagering size.

Mobibet is due to provide SBR an update on the status of each of the remaining cases. The sportsbook expressed the desire to be well-rated and claimed that it was considering taking their company public and wishes to achieve the level of success as one of the "big boys" in the industry. The first stop for Mobibet is clearing these complaints and removing the strench of the scam label players are rightfully using.

SBR reported earlier in the week that Mobibet Sportsbook users filed nine complaints.

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