SBR’s Sports betting rules Monitor changes

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Coral (SBR rating A-) revamps rules and terms of service. Players are advised to review the updated rules pages.

Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) adds Rally Racing rules and adds rules regarding player retirement or disqualification in Tennis.

Fonbet (SBR rating C) adds rules for ha ndball, waterpolo and rugby.

Sportbet (SBR rating B) changes teaser and pleaser payouts and stipulations. If bets and reverse bet rules are also rewritten. Changes have been made to limits on NFL moneyline bets, Arena Football, Canadian Football, and Basketball moneylines. Sportbet lowered phone minimums from $50 to $25 per wager.

Will Hill (SBR rating A) makes rule changes to Batsman prop bets for Cricket wagering.

i) 2020 Cricket - Named Batsman to score 20 runs or more: Bets stand provided the batsman faces at least one ball, irrespective of the number

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