SBR's online sportsbook email response test

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Sportsbook Review (SBR) has launched a new online sportsbook email response test. The seasonal test is conducted prior to the start of each sports year. The test included five football betting related questions and was sent to ten unsuspecting sportsbooks. SBR rates each sportsbook on the test, monitoring the speed of each response, how thorough each sportsbook representative is, and whether or not all questions are answered. View the sportsbook email test results for August 29th, 2011.

The sportsbook email response test is one of many pages that sports bettors may find helpful when determing which online bookmaker is right for them. Other valuable pages might include the SBR sportsbook reviews section, which features a comprehensive review of the top industry sportsbooks, and the SBR sportsbook ratings guide which rates over 1,000 sportsbooks.  Another page worth bookmarking is the SBR sportsbook blacklist, the blacklist includes scam sportsbooks that are unlikely to pay players or have openly justified confiscating funds from winning sports bettors.


I'm thinking of making an account this football season, but I have a few questions first.

1. What's the most you can win in a parlay? Most # of teams allowed? Can you buy points in a parlay?
2. What does a 4-team, 6 point teaser pay out?
3. What's your best signup bonus?
4. Do you offer live betting on every single NFL game?
5. Can I wager with my mobile phone?

Thanks for your time,

Miguel Jennings


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